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As unique as a fingerprint, George Sabra's sculpted creations are one of a kind, each a true original. Seeing limitless possibilities in materials that others would abandon or discard, Sabra artistically recycles. When others would destroy, Sabra creates.

Sabra's media is descended from two worlds, both natural and man-made. Because of this, he finds himself drawn to all sorts of discarded material plastic metal computer waste in combination with earthly offerings of driftwood, roots, granite and marble. "I believe it is possible to work with any material," he says passionately. "I do not see myself as a wood sculptor, or a clay sculptor, or a metal sculptor. I am simply a sculptor."

In awe of nature, his use of man-made materials is primarily as a complement or extension of the natural resources he chooses. He explains his perspective saying, "I want to show how man's accomplishments can and should flow in harmony with the natural world." With current environmental concerns, it is an artistic idea whose time has come. And while it is tempting to label Sabra's style as 'contemporary,' his skills reveal a respect for the principles of traditional fine art.

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Major Works

city of Austin Art in public places: KNOT is a free-standing sculpture consisting of 32 reclaimed 55-gallon oil barrels The finished piece appears as two 10-foot tall oil barrels that wrap around each other to form a knot Austin, TX, 2015.

Boston Green Festival 2014:an art installation Created out of discarded and reclaimed dead tree branches and assembled into four free standing human like sculptures ranging from 4'-9' in height for Boston Green Fest 2014 title Peace Makers it was on display at Boston City Hall Plaza August 2014.

SXSW ECO conformance 2013:3-Dimensional free standing figures, consisting of discarded cardboard, entitled "Vibration" to bring attention to the amount of industrial packaging waste, Austin Texas convention center October 2013.

Austin's New Year - City of Austin : Plastic Storm Sculpture, is a 14feet high public sculpture storm funnel made out of reclaimed plastic bottles, cups, jars, and caps which represents the massive storm of plastic waste humans generate on a daily basis.unveiled Dec. 31 2012 Austin's New Year art and music festival .

Green City Festival 2011 - City of Austin : A large scale sculpture made from thousands of discarded, reclaimed plastic caps at Austin's Green City festival unveiled on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

The Flame sculpture: A 10,000 pound of discarded, reclaimed granite and marble counter tops measures 13'H, 6'W, 6'D.Austin, TX, 2011.

Private Commission: Free standing sculpture made from discarded aluminum and steel. Canada, 2010.

Sculpture for Superbowl XLIV Miami Florida, 2010: Three NFL teams sculptures (TheNew York Jets, The Pittsburgh Steelers, and the San Francisco 49ers); all sculptures using reclaimed steel from demolished old Stadium. Miami FL 2010.

Private Commission: Free standing sculpture made from discarded steel. Austin, TX, 2009.

E-Waste Sculpture for SXSW Festival 2009: Title - Newborn. Sculpture using driftwood and discarded electronic parts. The E-Waste sculpture exhibited at South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival. Austin,TX, 2009.

Sculpture for Superbowl XLIII Tampa Florida 2009: Three NFL teams sculptures (The Dallas Cowboys, the Baltimore Ravens, and the New England Patriots); all sculptures made from reclaimed material from the old, demolished Orange Bowl Stadium. Tampa FL 2009

E-Waste Sculpture 2009: Title - Fetus. Sculpture using driftwood and discarded electronic parts. Exhibited at Austin city hall, people's Gallery, 2009. Austin TX

Private Commission : Two sculptures made from discarded PVC pipe. Austin, TX, 2008.

Austin Parking Day : Title - Blade of Grass. A 14 foot sculpture made from discarded PVC pipe. Austin, TX, 2008.

Austin Earth Day Festival: A 15 foot sculpture made from discarded PVC pipe. Austin, TX, 2007.

Keep Austin Beautiful : Sculptures made from 100% recycled materials including aluminum cans, bottle caps, and electric wire. Austin, TX, 2007.

Texas Sculpture Society : Chair from wood, carved from solid walnut with chainsaw, displayed at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Austin, TX, 2006.

Private Commission : Outdoor free standing multi-piece sculptures, trees carved from wood with copper patina finish. Austin, TX, 2006.

E-Waste Sculpture: Title - Matrix. A sculpture made from wood and computer components representing a creature made from electronic pieces and natural materials. Featured in the Austin Chronicle and National Geographic Magazine. Austin, TX, 2006.

Austin Earth Day Festival: Title - Phoenician Statue. A 30' sculpture made from cedar wood for Austin Earth Day Festival organized by Austin Green Art. Austin, TX, 2006.

Private Commission: Copper and wood freestyle relief sculpture. Canada, 2006.

Private Commission: Bronze and wood relief sculpture, 5' by 3', freestanding. Austin, TX, 2006.

Private Commission: Stainless steel with with stone, free-standing multipiece sculpture as part of hurricane Katrina memorial project, of Senator Stan Adelstein. South Dakota, 2005.

The Vatican: Relief sculpture of the Windows of St. Paul Church, Chapel of St. Paul in the ancient city gate through which Paul was lowered out of a window in Acts 9:25. Rome, Vatican City, 2001.

: Bronze statue of Falcon , 1996.