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Always on the lookout for new inspiration, George Sabra has recently become aware of the artistic possibilities inherent in the world of plastic. "Every second thousands of bottles of water and soda are being tossed," he explains. Thus, when a neighbor brought him a collection of plastic bottle caps and explained that the caps are not always accepted for recycling, Sabra was intrigued and challenged. "Every time I walked past those colorful caps, I realized that they had such beautiful artistic potential, but the question was 'for what?'"

The answer came one morning over a cup of coffee. He explains "There is this café where I go and sit outside beside beautiful water, trees, and native plants. While there, I happened to notice a plant called a bulrush reaching up toward the sky. It had such clean lines, and tapering ends - blowing in the wind. In a moment I realized that this wild plant was my inspiration for my bottle caps. In an instant I could clearly see how to put the natural world and the man made world together."

With the help of more than 800 volunteers who collected and others student volunteer cleaned and sort thousands and thousands of bottle caps, and lids Sabra's vision began to take shape. The result is a beautiful and colorful 21 foot high sculpture that made its debut at the 2011 "Green City Festival" in Austin, Texas. Says Sabra, "When we unveiled it, the crowd that had gathered seemed pulled toward it, as though it were a magnet. Then, as they walked around it and looked upward watching it blowing in the wind, they gasped when they realized it was a 'plant.' They got it. It was a very emotional moment!"

Display April 19, 2013 - April 21, 2013 at Green Festival 2013 held in Javits Center North New York City with George Sabra as a GREEN FESTIVAL SPEAKER.

The Plastic Caps Sculpture is currently on display at the Austin City Hall 301 W. 2nd Street Austin, TX 78701